Terms of sale

Terms of payment:
- At the signing of the contract, payment of a deposit of 20%
- 30 days before your arrival, payment of the balance of the stay.
- Upon arrival, a deposit of € 1,000 is required, payable by check or cash. It will be returned at the latest one month after the departure of the tenant except in case of restraint.

Arrivals / departures :
Arrival times are normally scheduled on Saturday afternoons from 2 pm.
Departure times are normally scheduled on Saturday morning before 10 am

It was agreed that in case of withdrawal:
- From the tenant:
- more than one month before the lease takes effect, 20% of the total amount of the stay will be retained.
- less than one month before the lease takes effect, 80% of the total amount of the stay will be withheld.
- the lessor:
- within seven days of the withdrawal, he must pay double the deposit to the tenant.

If a delay of more than four days from the date of arrival has not been reported by the lessee, the landlord may rightly try to re-let the housing while retaining the ability to turn against the lessee .

Use of places:
He is obligated to the tenants to occupy the premises personally, to live in them "as a good father" and to maintain them.
All installations are in working order and any claim concerning them occurring more than 24 hours after the entry into the enjoyment of the premises, can not be admitted.
Repairs rendered necessary by negligence or poor maintenance during the rental period will be the responsibility of the lessee.
Tenants are responsible for ensuring that the tranquility of the neighborhood is not disturbed by the lessee or his family.

The lessee undertakes to insure against the rental risks (extension '' resort '' or '' vacation rental '').
The lack of insurance, in case of disaster, will give rise to damages. The landlord agrees to insure the housing against the rental risks on behalf of the tenant, the latter having the obligation to report to him, within 24 hours, any incident occurred in the housing, its dependencies or accessories.

The inventory of furniture and various equipment are made at the beginning and end of the stay by the landlord.
The lessee can not oppose the visit of the premises, when the owner or his representative make the request.